We believe that prompt and effective support is an essential element to a complete IT solution and is critical to the long-term satisfied customers. That's why we offer comprehensive support to each client in a number of ways. Our support services include: Onsite consulting, End user telephone support, Remote maintenance and diagnosis, Web-based help desk support, Problem troubleshooting and resolution, Escalation to onsite support when required.

Helpdesk Call Centre.

Progressive IT Solutions Help Desk provides assistance with day to day operational matters relating to your entire IT infrastructure and provides peace of mind in knowing that they have a number of experienced IT support staff on hand to help them, allowing your staff to be more productive. The Progressive IT Services Help Desk is permanently staffed by dedicated analysts who have the experience and the resources to provide you with timely and expert support services, with a personalised level of detail that is second to none. All Help Desk calls are logged on our Support Software to enable each call to be tracked and managed to ensure each client receives an expedient solution. In addition, our software records a history of your support calls to assist in providing you better timely support. What's more, at Progressive IT Solutions we also offer you Remote Support which allows the Our IT Systems Team to access your system from our offices. Remote Support enables our Systems Analysts to look directly at your computer screen from our computers and perform many functions directly without an on site visit. This means that your problems can be solved much quicker and with a lot more ease, helping to save you time and money.

Onsite Consulting

Progressive's onsite service covers all your technology needs. Whatever IT issue or project you have all you have to do is call Progressive IT Solutions and you will have an IT professional (or team of professionals) at your site to assist you for however long you need us. Our onsite service offering include (but are not limited to) all implementation, upgrade, repairs and support on servers, networks, internet connections, computers, laptops, software applications and most other forms of technology.