Managed Services

Progressive IT Solutions Managed Services allows for daily, weekly and monthly IT tasks to be automated and scheduled, to ensure all tasks are completed and reported consistently and without fail. Our expert engineers will respond to changes in the health of your network, and act quickly to resolve problems before they affect users.
Progressive IT Solutions's Maintenance focuses on keeping your IT systems operational, available and secure so that you can focus on the everyday demands of expanding your business, managing costs and increasing revenues.

Maintenance services include:

Security patch management, Operating system updates/patches, Virus identification and elimination, Backup management, Service monitoring and notification, Event & System log monitoring, Daily system audits, Application deployment, Spyware removal and management, Bandwidth usage tracking, Remote management, Desktop policy enforcement and more.


Individualised Service

Based on the needs of your business you are able to select from a number of services that Progressive IT Solutions Managed Services system can monitor or tasks that can be performed. This means that you only pay for the services that are relevant to your business.

Fixed Cost

When you choose to use Progressive IT Solutions Managed Service you will be given an annual fixed cost for the services you choose. This allows you to budget accurately for ensuring that your network is performing at its best.

You Save Time

Manually performing regular tasks can be very time consuming. Progressive IT Solutions Managed Service allows for automating of a number routines tasks and thus offers a cost effective way for you to save time, and get your system updated regularly.

Improved IT System Performance

Progressive IT Solutions Managed Service has the ability to detect potential issues with your network before they become a problem. When indicators of potential issues are noted they are swiftly dealt with to ensure no interruption to your staff. When failures within your network do occur Progressive IT Solutions's staff are able to quickly rectify problems to minimise the impact on your employees productivity.